Specialist Services

CDMS Engineering provides specialist services ranging from design verification, integrity assessments through to compliance auditing. Clients rely on CDMS to deliver services to an international quality management standard (ISO 9001-2015) for the comfort of knowing services are delivered to the highest level of quality control which can be difficult to find elsewhere.

Specialist Services

Specialist Services Design Verification

CDMS are experienced professional engineers who are well known throughout the industry for our high quality and accurate design verification work. We provide verification services to local, national, and international clients, owners, owner-operators, fabricators, and consultants all in strict accordance with our ISO 9001-2015 accredited Quality System.

We can verify the design integrity for a variety of structures and mechanical equipment across different industries. By reviewing the design calculations and detailed design drawings, the verification process covers all stated design and operating conditions including material specifications and manufacturing requirements. CDMS undertakes design verification in strict compliance with the nominated technical design standards (AS 1210, ASME VIII, AS 4041…), and can register the designs with local Statutory Authorities.

CDMS is a specialist design verifying body for pressure equipment complying with AS 3920.1 and is recognised by WorkSafe and the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) in Western Australia, as well as all statutory authorities in Australia. We can also provide verification of lifting devices and lifted equipment, finite element analysis and bulk storage tanks upon client request.

Specialist Services

Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

CDMS thoroughly assesses designs using the FEA method by performing complex stress analyses and design optimisation. Our approach to designing and testing new products through digital simulations enables us to reduce physical prototype testing and eliminate design flaws.

Our analysis capabilities extend across static structural, dynamic, fatigue and fluid interaction (CFD). CDMS has applied advanced analysis techniques to government / university Research and Development (R&D) projects such as an extremely high pressure test vessel, to new products such as an automated iron ore drop tower and to provide failure analysis solution verification for costly mechanical plant failures. In addition to these services, CDMS has been called upon to provide expert witness services of conducting computational fluid dynamics simulation for third parties in cases of law.

In addition, CDMS has also implemented the advance analysis techniques to evaluate structural response subject to dynamic loadings such as equipment vibrational load, impact and blast loading. For instance, CDMS has analysed dynamic response of a crushing building with special consideration of the horizontal harmonic vibration of a 32 tonne cone crusher and a double deck screen mounted on the fourth floor.

Integrity and Fit for Service (FFS) Assessments

All organisations seek to optimise the maintenance of their assets to ensure they are safe, reliable, and operable for as long as possible. Static equipment safety is defined as compliance with the applicable design and construction standard. This is achieved by operating the equipment within original design parameters such as pressure, temperature, corrosion allowance, and fatigue life, if applicable. Sometimes, due to unforeseen process events, the static equipment may be used outside its original design parameters, or corrosion allowance, and fatigue life may be exceeded. Equipment replacement is an expensive exercise and operators prefer that equipment repairs be delayed until the next scheduled shutdown.

CDMS has helped operators to rerate pressure equipment for additional operating conditions like low temperature, increased pressure or extended fatigue life. In case of excessive corrosion, the equipment as assessed in accordance with API 579 Standard either by using conventional methods or FEA.

Specialist Services

Compliance Auditing Specialist Services

The CDMS engineers, along with other technical specialists in Midas Engineering Group, can provide safety audits, design compliance inspections, as well as process and maintenance procedure reviews, to assist with ensuring continuous operation with a reduced risk across a range of industrial and processing plants.

We believe in act-before-break approach to increase the ratio of planned to reactive maintenance activities in the plant. Based on maintenance records, CDMS can analyse possible causes and review the effectiveness of current maintenance solutions. We can assist with optimising maintenance planning activities and shutdown coordination.

CDMS can review equipment coordination monitoring solutions, such as vibration measurement, oil analysis, lubrication, and more. Review of fire systems and emergency procedures can also be included in the plant audit to suit the client needs.

We can develop bespoke training solutions to suit the client and site specifics that include all maintenance systems, safety systems and personnel requirements.

CDMS provides expert consulting services and advice to the industry internationally. In addition to these services, we have been called upon to provide expert witness services for third parties in cases of law. We have also been commissioned to provide site auditing and reporting of existing facilities for compliance with current standards and codes of construction, use, or design.

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