Product Development

CDMS Engineering has assisted clients with product development concepts from concept to prototype right through to detailed design for fabrication.

Skid Mounted Systems

Skid mounted systems are an important component in today’s competitive resource sector. The ability to deliver a partly or fully commissioned piece of plant installed greatly cuts down site installation time and reduces costly modifications than can be required on site as well.

The increased quality assurance of skid based systems is another benefit over in-situ site erected systems. Most welding, testing, and coating systems can be conducted and applied in the factory under the company quality control system. Electrical systems and instrumentation can be pre-wired with full factory acceptance testing. In most instances, systems can be commissioned and any defects corrected before they leave the factory.

CDMS can provide design, design verification, and detail design drawings for both your plant and the supporting skid structure. Our designs cover in-service loads, environmental loadings, installation, and transport.

Typical examples include the design and commissioning of a flocculant dosing system for a gold plant in South America, and an oil dewatering system for use on Barrow Island, and a delivery of a bulky skid storage system.

Machine Design

CDMS can provide assistance in the sizing and selection of machine components for motors, gearboxes pneumatic equipment, bearings, belts, sheaves, chain sprockets, power transmission, and many more across the industrial, offshore, mining, energy, and rail industries.

Our capabilities also include the sizing and selection of pumps, motors, couplings, gearboxes, pneumatic equipment, shafts, axles, gears, and brakes. Additionally CDMS can provide design and verification of trolleys, valves, clamps, winches and bellows, along with design and verification of special equipment and tools.

Some examples include the structural design of offshore winches, spooling devices, on-platform pipe handling devices, and design of Hi-Rail truck modifications. At CDMS we have the in-house capability to design and verify, typically via FEA, unique designs and turnkey solutions for specialist machine and mechanical design requirements.

Development & Innovation

Our product development capabilities incorporates an innovative approach, sometimes referred to as innovations engineering, advanced FEA, value engineering, retrospective engineering services, reverse engineering, failure analysis, compliance auditing, and design verification. We develop our own products under the Midas Engineering Group, as well as offer consulting services where we partner with clients to develop their concepts through to fabrication, installation, and commission.

CDMS provides mechanical and structural product development services from concept to prototype, right through to detailed design for fabrication. We not only design new products, we also visualise it with 3D concepts that enable us to walk through, simulate in real-time and detect collisions prior to the product being prototyped or even manufactured, providing significant cost and time-savings for our clients in the development process.

We thoroughly assess designs through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) by performing complex stress analyses and design optimisation. Our approach to designing and testing new products through digital simulations enables us to reduce physical prototype testing to eliminate design flaws. Our analysis capabilities extend across static structural, dynamics, fatigue, and fluid interaction (CFD).

Where possible we try to apply innovations engineering. This can include minor, or sometimes major, quality improvements to ‘cutting edge’ products and services and involves the following: creating or generating new activities, products, processes, and services; seeing things from a different perspective; moving outside the existing paradigms; improving existing processes and functions; disseminating new activities or ideas; adopting things that have been successfully tried in different fields or elsewhere; identifying and implementing the most cost effective options; and identifying potential for improving plant performance.

CDMS has applied these innovations engineering techniques to government / university Research and Development (R&D) projects, such as an extremely high pressure test vessel for CSIRO, to new products such as an iron ore drop tower, and to mechanical plant failures where the probable causes and solutions are recommended through failure analysis and problem solving techniques.

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