Major Projects

From start to completion, CDMS Engineering will handle your project most professionally. We have 30 years’ worth of experience in dealing with major projects; plant design, project management, infrastructure upgrades, and maintenance support.

Project Management

We can assist with integrated project management and technical professionals across construction management, tenders, procurement, relocations, estimating, and scheduling.

CDMS operates under an ISO 9001-accredited quality system. Our job procedures, from start-up to close-out are systematically applied irrespective of job size. Project implementation plans and procedures for controlling costs, planning and scheduling, estimating, and document control are well established and proven over time. Our larger projects are tracked and managed using the earned value method. Which we can measure progress against the established baseline for each work front as defined in the detailed work breakdown structure.

Effective change control, risk mitigation, regulatory, safety, and environmental compliance form an integral part of our management system. In addition to procurement and construction management, CDMS can provide all forms of project documentation. This includes construction and material specifications, design specifications, datasheets, procurement scopes of work, ITSs, and VDRLs.

All clients require the delivery of their projects on time, under budget, and to the stated specifications. At CDMS, we align our objectives with your objectives and we work with our clients to achieve individual goals. CDMS’ ISO 9001 quality system facilitates the effective management of all phases of the project lifecycle to ensure the successful delivery of projects for our clients.

Construction and Maintenance Support

CDMS is highly experienced in the provision of engineering support services for site construction and maintenance activities. Whether it is a lifting study, design of a temporary support structure, cyclone tie downs for a partially erected structure, verification of a structure to support construction loads and equipment or verification of a proposed construction methodology, CDMS can assist.

We provide fit-for-purpose solutions without ‘over-engineering’ the problem or the solution. We understand that contractors need cost-effective, practical and timely solutions when they are on-site. As well as, needing to maintain tight schedules without ever compromising safety.

Major Projects

In addition to on-site support, CDMS can verify proposed modifications and refurbishments to existing plants, provide tank jacking procedures, review proposed scaffold arrangements or provide methodologies for the installation of new equipment.

Our flexible and responsive attitude means we can ‘shuffle’ resources and provide on-call service during tight shutdown schedules or in-progress construction activities. With our collaborative approach and fit-for-purpose solutions, you are assured the job gets done on time and budget. We have worked on numerous construction and maintenance support projects for clients. Such as BP Refinery Kwinana, Worley Parsons, Woodside, Alcoa World Alumina Australia, United KG, UGL, and BP Australia.

Drafting Services

The experienced team of designers and drafters at CDMS have a range of experience covering mining plants, process piping, offshore structures, bulk fuel installations, pressure equipment, tankage, structural detailing, machine components, weldments, and plate structures, to name a few. In-house, they can provide everything from conceptual design drawings and layouts, right through to detailed design drawings for fabrication.

3D Modelling for Major Projects

CDMS utilises numerous 3D modelling packages, each one with specific capabilities to suit the full range of consulting services offered. From component and product design through to full plant modelling, the advantages of 3D technology are proven to provide more accurate designs as well as permit clash detection and fly-throughs. Allowing the CDMS designers and engineers to create digital prototypes for simulation and review from the early stages of the concept design and throughout the detailed design.

Utilising in-house procedures and best practice modelling techniques. CDMS can develop intelligent models that can not only save the client hours on design changes, iterations, and copied designs, but also integrate with the CDMS ISO 9001:2008 quality system. Thus, providing greater accuracy of deliverables and reducing model review checks, ultimately leading to greater quality assurance and cost savings for the client. The models also facilitate a streamlined information management process. Which includes automated materials take-offs and drawing cross-referencing.

CDMS has experienced reviewers with acute attention to detail to ensure the accuracy of the deliverables. Functional design checks are also part of the standard operating procedure to consider constructability, transportation requirements, ease of installation, operability, and maintainability. For larger projects where outsourcing to selected low-cost centres is justified, CDMS brings any sub-contractors in under its quality systems. All work is thoroughly reviewed and revised to ensure it meets their same standards, before issuing anything to the client.

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Plant Design

Building on many years of a successful process, plant designs have given CDMS an enhanced technical knowledge of global mining regulatory and operational requirements. As a direct result of its specialist knowledge in well-established mineral processing technology and plant equipment as well as the use of advanced 3D plant design and simulation software, CDMS has managed to steadily grow. Thus, expanding its global reach by delivering quality, high-return processing plants at a very competitive cost.

CDMS has partnered with METS on a gold processing plant in South America. This new project further expands our portfolio of designing low-cost, high-return operations, CDMS relied heavily on its core technical knowledge base and previous industry experience during the design of the plant infrastructure; this included the complete process, chemical, metallurgical, mechanical, structural, and civil design components. This covered all the crucial facilities in the plant, including ore handling, conveyors, crushing and grinding, milling and classification, gravity concentration, pre-leach thickening, leaching and adsorption, residue disposal, and chemical reagents storage and handling.

Major Projects

Software for Major Projects

The CDMS design team uses modern plant design software to produce interactive, detailed 3D plant layouts that can be viewed by the client before construction. This gives the engineers enormous design flexibility and great streamlining of the traditional cumbersome plant design process. The development of 3D plant layout models enables the client to walk through the process plant before its construction, in real-time. This simulates and detects collisions before the plant is constructed, providing significant cost and timesaving for our clients in the development process.

CDMS engineers add significant value to the design of the processing plant in several innovative ways, one way is to help our client select the most suitable plant machinery for the processing and extraction of resources. All the mechanical equipment is selected for its durability and performance over the long term. Where appropriate, quality refurbished equipment is selected to significantly reduce the clients’ overall capital costs.

The CDMS engineering design team has differentiated itself from its competitors and proven it can deliver innovative plant design projects in a very flexible, cost-effective, and timely manner, catering to the client’s unique set of circumstances and the various challenges this brings.

Our capabilities in processing plant design include:

  • Process Design
  • Mechanical plant design, specification, selection, mechanical equipment lists
  • Pressure vessels and heat exchangers design, detailing
  • Piping design, detailing, stress analysis, specification
  • Fluid pumping and handling design, specification
  • Conveyors and bulk materials handling design, specification, engineering detail
  • Bulk liquids storage design, specification, engineering detail drawings
  • Civil design – earthworks, drainage, roads, bunds, culverts, crossovers
  • Structural steel design, engineering detail drawings
  • Concrete design, engineering detail drawings
  • PFDs and P&IDs
  • 3D layouts and arrangements

We add value to your project through our completely integrated in-house engineering capability where engineers are involved in all facets of the project lifecycle, from estimation to detailed design to construction and installation support. At CDMS we understand the importance of risk reduction through comprehensive reviews of safety-in-design, constructability, modularity and maintainability. We have a collaborative and client-focused approach with small team flexibility and responsiveness, yet delivering a large team output.

Infrastructure Upgrades

All organisations seek to optimise the maintenance of their assets to ensure they are reliable and operable for as long as possible.

CDMS can provide a range of inspection and audit services throughout the design life of buildings and industrial facilities, structures, conveyors, cranes, vessels, tanks, jetties, and similar assets across all industries, to ensure optimal safety of personnel and the environment, as well as assist with risk management and maximise the returns on maintenance spending. Inspections and audits can be carried out during regular operations, planned shutdowns and at short notice due to breakdowns or as part of due diligence reporting for asset sale or disposal.

CDMS can provide detailed condition reports with prioritised maintenance activities, repair methodologies with supporting calculations, fitness-for-service assignments, and technical reviews for all structural and fixed mechanical plant equipment. Our design capabilities can be used to reduce operational risk and improve asset reliability and safety.

CDMS has engineers with extensive site and field experience in-house, which means that our repair methodologies are targeted, specific, and practical. By categorising the condition of the plant and prioritising maintenance activities, we ensure your maintenance budget is spent efficiently. We have the tools and experience to provide repair solutions and backup calculations when required and can offer further solutions to improve asset efficiency and process optimisation.