Civil Design

CDMS Engineering offers a suit of civil design services for a broad range of industries. CDMS has worked on many projects over the years from civil designs to structural and mechanical projects.

From start to completion, your civil designs will be handled in the most professional manner by CDMS. We have 30 years’ worth of experience in dealing with civil designs ranging from bulk earthworks to foundation design and water management.

Civil design bulk earthworks

Bulk Earthworks

CDMS can provide assistance with bulk earthworks which is either the removal or addition of soil to create a new desired ground profile, be it cut and fill design, bunding, dams, ponds, Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF), subdivision works or roads. Our team of qualified engineers can help you with site specific requirements.

CDMS can interpret geotechnical data to determine what soil is present at site, determine its suitability and whether or not it can be reused, and what additional grades and soils are required for new fill.

CDMS recently completed the refurbishment of a fuel terminal in Kalgoorlie that involved removal of tanks and contaminated soil, extension and modification to the bunds, as well as re-grading of the site to improve drainage and bund access.

Water Management

CDMS Consulting Engineers has experience in handling various water-related components of projects, whether they are for existing infrastructure or new proposed developments. This spans various sectors including the mining industry, land development or urban infrastructure. On many occasions, water management plans are required to be investigated and prepared before certain developments are given the green light to commence.

CDMS Consulting Engineers works closely with the various regulatory authorities as well as local and state government bodies to ensure that proper procedures are followed, requirements met and safe environmental guidelines are upheld when these water management plans are prepared. These could take various forms, e.g. Urban Water Management Plans, Local Water Management Strategies, District Water Management Strategies, etc. depending on the nature of the project and the responsible authority.

The WA Department of Water’s Decision Process for stormwater management is strictly adhered to in terms of investigating and documenting water quantity management, water quality management, protection of waterways and wetlands, and the management of groundwater levels.

Similarly, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is always taken into consideration together with the objectives documented in the Stormwater Management Manual for WA. By implementing these best practices, CDMS Consulting Engineers ensures that this approach contributes to the benefits of Integrated Water Cycle Management and thus emphasises the benefits of water efficiency, reuse and recycling brought out in our designs, plans and documentation.

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Foundation Design

CDMS has experience in the design of foundations for structural and mechanical items. We have designed a large range of foundations in a variety of soil conditions from sandy soils, organic soils and clayey soils.

CDMS can interpret geotechnical report information to design foundations for a full range of loads, whether it is from a simple downward load, uplift loads or more complicated dynamic loads which are checked with Finite Element Analysis. We also have the ability to apply spring stiffness to our design.

CDMS can also examine existing soils and recommend remedial action to increase design capacity of the soils through the use of grout injection and soil stabilisation techniques.

An example of previous works completed by CDMS includes the complete foundation design for a liquid retaining wall for use in a refueling station. CDMS designed the retaining walls to limit the stress in the clayey soils to ensure the design was within allowable pressure.

Drainage Design

CDMS Consulting Engineers has designed drainage solutions for developments ranging from commercial sheds, to large residential subdivisions involving road works over many years. We work with local authorities and clients to give the most effective solution in terms of cost, space usage, and aesthetics. We are closely following the revision of the Australian Rainfall and Runoff manual which is used as a standard for our designs in conjunction with the Stormwater Management Manual for Western Australia.

Soakwells & drainage pits offer a discreet way to collect, infiltrate and retain water. Used to both collect and to dispose of water they are often used in small developments or in conjunction with ponds and basins where it is unfeasible to contain in pits alone. Although pits are relatively discreet to match some local authority’s requirements they can consume large areas. However, via the use of pits and above ground storage in extreme storm events we are able to give a practical and effective drainage solution to satisfy the client and local authority’s requirements.

We can assess the rainfall and corresponding run off quantity for pre and post development and offer environmentally sound solutions for disposing of the run off caused by new developments or solutions to current drainage problems such as flooding and waterlogging. The conveyance of water to the basin or pits can be via pipe or overland channels or a combination of both. CDMS Consulting Engineers can design the passage of water and the required channel/pipe size, grade, weirs/drops and energy dissipaters to ensure it is capable of handling the required storm event.

Often used in medium to large subdivisional developments or large impervious properties, basins offer a drainage solution where pits alone will be unpractical. In developments we can design ponds which can be a feature of the estate as well as have practical stormwater retention capabilities. We have also in the past designed shallow basins used in rare storm events, which year round are inconspicuous, and frontages which only fill for short periods during large storms. There are two major types of basins, retention and detention basins, and CDMS are capable of designing and determining what is required for your development. We work with the controlling agency to ensure the correct rate of discharge and the basin retains the required quantity.