Other Design, Verification & Registration

Forge PowerDV of Filter Vessel for South Hedland Power StationDV of vessel for South Hedland power station. ASME vessel build o/s to be registered with WorkSafe
EC&MCable Roller Guide CertificationDesign checks and certification
Welshpool Welding & Fabrication Pty LtdDesign and Detail Welding FrameDesign, detail and 3rd party verification of welding frame
BP Australia Pty LtdDrawings for Wind GirdersDrawings for wind girders according to Saunders design
United ConstructionUGL – Air Receiver DVDesign verification of an air receiver to ASME VIII Div. 1 Design registration is included
ApplusHeat Exchanger DVDesign verification of a sea water acid cooler to ASME VIII Div 1
Fusion – Weld Engineering P/LDV for Air RecDesign Verification for Air Receiver
Sewon Cellontech CorpDV and Registration for the PVDesign Verification and Registration for the ASME VIII Div. 2 vessel
BriteforceDV of Six Light TowersDV of six light towers
Kounis Metal IndustriesDV of Lifting SkidDV of lifting skid
Tronox Management Pty LtdVessel F205 As Build DrawingsDesign, Verification and Registration
Worley ParsonsSurge Vessel DVDesign, Verification and Registration