True Triaxial Stress Cell

CDMS were commissioned to design a True Triaxial Stress Cell (TTSC) from concept right through to detailed design for fabrication. The design parameters required CDMS to design a triaxial test rig capable of simulating geosequestration, or Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), on large interchangeable rock samples at pressures up to 70MPa.

CDMS started with a collaborative design process between the CDMS engineering team, NAR Engineering and the end user (CSIRO), to discuss a range of different triaxial stress cell concepts suitable for strict laboratory simulations. CDMS was solely responsible for the design of the pressure envelope used to contain the triaxial stress cell during very high pressure operation. After selecting the most suitable design, a 3D model was developed of the concept to visualise the design and troubleshoot any conflicts. With the conceptual design approved by the client, CDMS then commenced the detailed design phase.

The mechanical design of the internal triaxial stress cell components comprised the major portion of the engineering and drafting work. The complex simulation and laboratory requirements of the triaxial stress cell required intelligent use of standard mechanical components/fittings as well as complex custom piston housings, platens and rams to maximise compressive stress in a very compact and efficient design package.

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