Ore Test Drop Tower

CDMS was contracted to design an ore drop tower from concept right through to detailed design for fabrication. The design parameters required automated sample drop cycles with a maximum height of 15m and unlimited incremental drop heights right down to 2m.

CDMS started with a meeting of the engineering team to discuss a range of different transfer concepts suitable for autonomous operation. After selecting the most suitable and likely reliable design, a 3D model was developed of the concept to visualise the design, trouble shoot any conflicts and present to the client for preliminary approval.

With the conceptual design approved CDMS commenced the detailed design incorporating the following key areas:

  • Mechanical design of drop bucket, transfer mechanism & hoist system;
  • Structural design of base frame, tower modules & drop chute; and
  • Civil design of tower footings.

The mechanical design comprised the major portion of the work where the fully automated process required clever use of standard mechanical components to minimise special items and eliminate expensive robotics.

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