Gorgon Domgas Project

Design and Detail of Filter Coalescer

CDMS was approached by Modular Engineering for the design and detail of a heavy wall (60 mm) coalescing filter vessel for DomGas service. The vessel was designed to filter natural gas at high pressure (over 17 MPa design pressure) as well as liquids.

Throughout the duration of the project CDMS worked closely with Modular Engineering, as well as the EPM, and consulted with various materials experts as required. CDMS started the design process with standard vessel design calculations and then checked customized components such as legs, nozzles and shell connections using Finite Element Analysis.

Custom in-house spread sheets were used to perform the pressure calculations accurately, and proprietary software was used to analyse the custom leg supports and nozzle junction stresses. During the design process the design conditions were altered by the client. CDMS incorporated these design changes economically with minimum impact on time and budget.

For further details on Pressure Vessel Design services provided by CDMS please contact the CDMS team on (+61 8) 9421 9060.