Cement Batch Plant

CDMS was contracted to design an extension to an existing cement batching plant located at the MCM facility in Midland. The design of the new 140T batch plant was started at concept phase and developed right through to detailed design for fabrication. CDMS supplied the client with an economical and reliable solution to suit the client’s physical space limitations and their budget.

After an internal meeting to discuss a range of different batch plant designs, senior CDMS engineering staff conducted a site visit to the MCM cement batching plant and recorded measurements of the existing steel work, foundations and locations of critical tie-in points. Once the client approved the proposed design, a 3D model was developed, relative to the existing MCM structures. The 3D model was used by the engineering team to troubleshoot any conflicts/ interferences and was presented to the client for approval. With the conceptual design approved, CDMS commenced the detailed design.

The structural design of the support tower and the partitioned 140T cement silo comprised the major portion of the engineering and drafting work. After producing detailed fabrication drawings as well as structural FEA design reports, the complete design package was passed to the end user for final sign off.

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