Midas Gazette Quarter 3 Issue 47, July 2015

I am pleased to report another successful quarter for Midas Engineering Group. It is our goal to help our clients achieve greater value from their projects through innovation, quality service delivery and maintaining healthy working relationships. The group has significant presence in emerging markets offering specialised engineering services to our clients. Although the current business conditions pose challenges for many of our clients, we are working alongside each of them to deliver resilience and strength to projects through innovation, efficiencies and cost reduction.

If you have a project that appears to have stagnated please get in touch with me to discuss further. My teams and I are dedicated to helping you achieve success. A testament that is reflected in our 27 year history.

In this issue of the Gazette we will take a look at re-rating of pressure vessels for lower temperature, Levin test for fine grindability, a semi-automated flocculant batch system, and maintaining your electrical equipment and systems, among other interesting topics.

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