Midas Gazette Quarter 1 Issue 49, January 2016

Welcome to our first edition for 2016 and Happy New Year! I hope you had time to relax over the festive season and enjoy precious time spent with family and friends. I believe 2016 is shaping up to be a year of greater visions, greater aspirations and greater achievements as January kicked off on a high note with the first step taken to expand Sanderson Consultants into the Perth market.

While this will present a new set of challenges for the Midas Group, we are in the process of setting our goals and will work towards their implementation and achievement. As the saying goes “The establishment of a clear, central goal is the starting point of all success”. On that note, I hope you enjoy this quarter’s edition of the Midas Gazette. In this issue we take a look at sensible cost cutting, biomechanics, Who came first – The Architect or Civil Engineer and review the hazards of an arc flash, among other interesting topics.

In this issue of the Gazette we focus on the fundamentals of incorporating safety in all designs such as precautionary measures in prevention of Arc Flash Hazards, making informed cost cutting decisions in the face of challenges in the resources sector and from a biomechanics perspective visit if an engineer can diagnose a broken heart, amongst many other stimulating topics.

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